Paulo Coelho on writing, From Tim Ferriss show.

Tim Ferries 是个狂人:语言狂人,天使投资人,作者等等无数头衔。他自荐出书,被二十多个出版商拒绝。再被出版商(第二十三个)告知不要在销量上抱太大希望时,《4小时工作》(4-hour work week)确在一周内成为纽约时报的畅销书。
在Tim Ferries show 里,他每期邀请一位嘉宾,比如 Wired杂志的主编 Kevin Kelly,作家和音乐家 Derek Sivers, 计算机专家 Luis Von Ahn (Duolingo的创始人),都是在各行各业很有名望又乐于分享的专家。Podcast 在Itunes 免费收听下载。


Paul Coelho,his book Alchemist, sold about 90million.He talked a lot on Youtube about his inspirations.


I don’t have a deadline. I write a book once every two years.I have the book inside of me.In the morning, I check emails and news.For three hours, I tell myself, no no later later.Just that moment,I say ok I am going to sit and to write half an hour. This half hour becomes 10 hours in a row. That’s why I write my books very quickly. I cannot stop.I cannot stop.


At night, I take a lots of notes. Because I am still in the speed in writing book.
On the second day,the notes are useless. Same things happen.(check emails ,news and etc.) I have to feel guilty of not writing.And I start to writing, none stop.In two weeks, I have the books ready.

Daily schedule.

In the morning, check my social communities.Then walking, it’s my way of meditating,totally connected to my being. I work with 3 or 4 people,not more than that. So I can really use my time to fulfill my blessings that installed on me.

Writers In Brazil.

Very few authors can live on writing. I was so committed to my work, it’s my dream. I don’t work,in fact, What i am doing is really to have pleasure and social responsibility to myself , my readers and the world i live.

Day off

I force my self to take two weeks off.I only do this after I finish the book.

A successful writing day.

I suffer in the morning , have fun in evening. But it’s still painful.When I go to bed, after 10 hours working, it’s still circulating in my blood. There is notepad on my side(useless on next day). I never use note when I talk.This happen when I finish my first book. I cannot change this process.

Capture ideas

I don’t. I try to live my life. I do live my life.Some subjects pop up. I am going to write a book about this, then I start, then second, another. There are so many book unfinished … It’s the book I should be writing. And when you find the first sentence, it takes the last sentence to the book.


I want to write a mataphor about me and my life.When you write the book, you are connected to the book. There is no such an effort to write.I never think I can write a book on niche on 2006.
It’s not every single experience I feel to write.(…)Maybe three days later, I have this inspiration to write.

If you want to capture ideas, you are lost. You are going to live fully, to be a observer, not a human being. I strongly writers not to think about writing, forget notebooks. Let what is important remains, what is not important goes away.
So when you sit down to write, the process of urge,only important things remain.(overloads yourself with information)


I use word,that’s all.


Every platforms require a different technical.It’s very exciting. We are in front of new challenges. A book is not a twit.Let’s move to the way that Internet force us, or encourage us to write.


I love stories.Four architect:love between 2, between3, the struggle, and the journey.
Another book is my real experience. They are very much close, part of my soul.

common mistake for novelist.

  • very much insecure. They say, you need to see my next book. You cannot sell book by desiring the book just published. As for style, this type of things, don’t try to innovate.You cannot innovate mobiles, twitter. Don’t innovate storytelling. It’s a magic, tell a good story. Style is the dress, but the dress is not dictate what;s inside. What counts is the person in the dress.

  • Keep it simple.

Trust your reader. Don’t try describe things. Give a hint, and they will fulfill it with their imagination. The readers don’t need to think.Don’t over explain.

  • of course, they lack confidence. I found a second publisher to my <>
  • Critics

Internet have the power of promoting and killing. But still writers want to pease other writers, they want to be recognized. Forget about it. This is a weakness.

You cannot take something out of nothing. When you write a book ,you knock off your experiences(not conscious), something in you. My character guide me.It’s totally true when I write.

two or threes things when you feel stuck

Only one thing.
I promise to myself, if I don’t feel inspired, I need to move forward (have discipline). It happened to me.In the middle of the book,there I am. I said, you book, you are fighting with me. I am not leave your alone.It may take 10 minutes, or 10 hours.If you don’t have disciples enough,do not move forward.At the end of the day, writing the book is basically share your experiences despite human condition.

I wrote issues that are important to me.Fell free for what you want to write.
If you overload your book with a lot of research.
Books are not there to show how intelligent, but to show your heart and souls. Tell your readers, I am not alone and I hope you are not, because you can identify yourself with my book.

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