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Is it a harsh path?

Driven by things you don't believe but you have to is a long struggle, where yourself have to be killed so to be built.

When your score becomes a national sign, it's never be more difficult to be keen to your heart, and it never be easier to be lost on your own path.Maybe its too cruel, the one-cut solution, entrence exam, is how this big country select their talents.

When one see happiness is side-effect, it means his eyes are fixed at the goal, to pass, to get, and to achieve.It's a violent way to see learning.

But I don't doubt how practical it is. When you consider the rationality behind this crazy mode, it still make sense. Why study? Bacially, you can directly exchange your learning outcome to something else, or indirectly the learning will lead you from where you may find what you need. This is reffering the reasons,that Why we learn, fall into two categories:

  • it's valuable to try
  • we love and we believe

At that point, all the students in the system have to option but to try.It's just not a good deal.

The second reason

About four years ago, I study french in central Paris. At noon, dinning tables are occupied and I find only seat left. A num with Asian face sit at another side.Staying at this Catholic school everyday, through I don't know the happenings outside of my classroom. We start to talk. At that time, I have no interest to other topic but how to improve my FRENCH .She is gentle and patient, sharing her cookies with me.

More impressively,she speaks perfect French.

One year,She says.
That's the time she spend from zero to C1, a highest European language level. She is from Korea. While she was accepted by this Catholics school, she need to pass the language test on condition to stay at France.She must past it, for the chance getting closer to her beliefs.

I don't know how much work she put there.But defiantly,She is rewarded.

We breath and we feel alive in this kind of learning. All through, how we are inspired and why are happy are both unexplainable, human being are in common on feeling good, on sharing, and on connecting.It's the same to spirituality. We improve to feed the mystical self and we even give up, in a certain way, to share with others.

Love makes learning itself an experience

I have been thinking about how to teach Chinese on Italki. I don't want to sell something I have no strong faith on. No boring PPT, no settled methods, and even maybe no syllabus. And I figure at this moment, to train my student this ability, how to carry love with study, is the best a teacher can do.

The one, people never talked

Chinese education department set a line and they execute it strictly.They use two simple things.

A map.
To make sure the students in the pool compete as fairly as possible, the officials provide a whole map to pass the entrence exam. For example, we know the what types of English will be tested in which part and which lines of traditional poems are required to write down.

A chart.
Holding a map is one thing, finding the fortune is another. Only limited number of students can reach the standard. When they show up in front of the fortunes, the departments needs to ensure they get what they deserve. The corruption is heavily punished, and whole process is the rare crystal field in politics. The kill any elements so to make a beautiful chart, a chart can truly reflect student's position based what they are tested, a chart where nobody has a word to say but self-blame or "self-phraise".

A highly organized system serve the one rule without exceptions on human. Does that remind you something?

For a long time, I was used by what I had been trained in school. Hardness and pain is easy to get along than ease and joy.If it's easy to achieve, I probably would doubt the meaning behind.My being seemingly should be coexist with some unknown pain.The third carry of reasons to learn:

  • suffering

We love suffering.

Especially nowadays, if we don't feel the pain to achieve the goal, it seems we are not work hard enough. The more hash the path is, the more we relieve ourself of boring and pressure.

To suffer, we won't die for nothing.

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